1. Cosmic Reaction PIERA 4:17

PIERA is the name of the dark-electronic synthpop duo formed by singer/ songwriter/producer Piera Klein and songwriter/producer Micah Plissner, residing in downtown Los Angeles, California

PIERA KLEIN, a Southern California native, has always been fascinated by other worlds and has always created her own. Since childhood she has been creating her own music, poetry and art, and eventually found her raison d’être in brining them together.

At five years old Piera sang on a children’s record and got her first taste of the music business.

At 7 Piera started writing music on her dad’s acoustic guitar and any piano she could get her hands on. At first playing completely by ear. By junior high she had started playing in local bands, etc.

Piera went on to work with an Emmy Award nominated songwriting team needing a singer for placements. After the success of every song she sang being placed, Piera decided that it was time to launch out on her own as an artist — as a songwriter/producer, singer and performer.

Inspired by truly independent musicians and artists, Piera decided to venture out into the uncharted waters of experimental sound design, lyricism and performance.

This is her debut album, co-written and co-produced by Micah Plissner.

MICAH PLISSNER was born on the upper west side Manhattan. His Father, Martin Plissner was national political director of CBS news. Micah was published in Village Voice magazine at 8 years old for a poem he wrote on the dark side of prep school culture. He was an ace tennis player and was courted by famous coaches to be a professional tennis player but at 12 he bought a guitar and knew that music and all avenues of performance would be his life. His first series of shows started at 13 y.o.

Twist and turns came as Micah was scouted by agents to be in commercials tv add films (he even booked on a Coors commercial that ran through the Super Bowl) but having realized that acting and the tv film culture wasn’t for him he enrolled in modern dance classes in Santa Monica and moved up to the pro classes where he worked professionally until after serious back injury and decided it was time for a change. He immediately landed in the LA punk scene where he eventually got signed as artist, toured and charted in the top ten on the college radio charts nationally.

That momentum’s caused him to gain the attention of major labels one to the other, appear in Rolling Stone Magazine, etc. but Micah felt that the major label route was too commercial for his personal taste and he would be more fulfilled as an independent artist and music producer, which he is currently.

SOURCE: Official Bio