Lenny The Heart has today released his new video for the track titled ‘ILYGF (I Like your Girlfriend)’. Covering a subject that, while no one will admit it, is persistent to the point of normalcy in this day and age. Hell, that’s how I got my girlfriend (isn’t that right, Eric? 😉 )!

Anyway, the song has that rugged snark and genuine swagger only found in people with talent and drive, and not just the kind that it takes to get the girl. Lenny takes the attitude off the speedometer and into overdrive with that certain something that is endearing to all but the guy who just lost the girl (like Eric 😉 ). This is a song that will live in the memory long after that initial listen and look and stay with you as it gives you that crooked smile. Brilliant.

About Lenny The Heart

Harnessing an unbridled creative energy and an affection for diverse music ranging from hip hop, to soul, to rock, Colorado singer-songwriter Lenny the Heart is coming into his own. His upcoming EP, ROKKLENIN, is an introduction to Lenin’s deeper self and the way he expresses it. It sees Lenin embracing his rock side, using its unfiltered energy to express feelings of solitude and confusion regarding failed relationships while finding a guiding light in music which allows him to dance, smile and enjoy life as he pursues his dreams.

The first single, ‘ILYGF (I Like Your Girlfriend)’, centers around conflicting feelings around its narrator developing feelings for a love interest already in a committed relationship. Despite the heavy theme, the song has a more lighthearted sound with spirited guitars and jovial vocals.