Pilarush is a singer, songwriter, and video producer. Grew up in New York City and has Spanish roots. “Pilarush” is a nickname the songwriter uses in music and it’s her nickname as well. Her real name is Pilar. By 2015 the also music video producer, achieved her goal to get an associate degree in liberal arts from the Borough of Manhattan Community College and a bachelor degree on Business Administration from the Metropolitan College of New York. As pursuing her music career, in 2016 decided to work on a new second album Feelings. Part of this album was recorded in South America, in Europe and New York City.

All songs are written by Pilarush and sang it by her and other artists. Currently is looking to work writing songs for other artists and to feature her work in movies, soap operas and more. Love collaborations in the genre of Pop, Rock, House, Techno, Hip Hope and dance mainly. However, the songwriter can always challenge her limits.

SOURCE: Official Bio