Rebel Heart is a rock band Hailing from the Independent Republic of Vancouver Island (Courtenay, BC) whose sound is an unapologetic jump in the air for fans of Classic Rock Music. Staking out a wide territory in the classic rock genre, with a sensibility that only time could bring to their music, the songs are a blend of the social commentary of Steve Earl combined with the wry humor of Warren Zevon. “Self-Made Man” is a hard-hitting protest song borne out of the “99” movement.

Their mighty, crunchy guitar riffs together with their pummeling rhythmic textures and dynamic edgy vocals are laced with old school elements while still maintaining the focus of a modern band. With a rhythm section throwing down tight grooves and guitar big enough to put a hole in your chest, it’s hard to believe the band is only four guys…. who never gave up their dream.

Charlie, Jimmy, Josh and Jon all set aside music careers to raise families…… but they never forgot the dream or their passion. And… now that the kids are grown, it’s Time – they’re back and their rockin’!!

In early 2017, Rebel Heart caught the attention of legendary recording engineer/producer Paul Laine (Poison; Scorpions; Defiant; Danger Danger). Laine became a fan and was even more impressed by the demos of new material the guys were working on. Upon hearing these songs, he immediately offered to produce their album.

The band entered the studio with Laine in the fall of 2017, and Yuk Fu was released in September 2018. The response to the album has exceeded the band’s wildest expectations. The album has received national and international attention with radio stations in the USA, Canada, UK, Australia, and New Zealand.

Rebel Heart’s Yuk Fu is available on their website, iTunes, Spotify, Google Play, and most majors streaming services.

SOURCE: Official Bio