PostArt Ensemble
PostArt Ensemble

PostArt Ensemble hail from Ljubljana, Slovenia. Why the name PostArt ? Art is all or nothing. Both ways lead to the fact that art no longer exists. The space between products , market , marketing and the consumer has died and left us only traces of history.

We do not negiramo art, her respect , love , and from it proceed . We are trying to find and to restore its essence through the prism of sedanjice .

All people are a bunch of experiences , emotions and desires. The interaction of these surroundings is built up our personality . The stories we tell about our personalities through the music . Directly and intuitively create music that is today different from yesterday or tomorrow.

Art is dead.
We cannot go back, forward does not exist.

This is the time for Postart!

Postart is not genre, postart is people; their personalities, thoughts, wishes, moods.
Postart is a reflection of today, not yesterday or tomorrow.

Postart is a space where one can develop in depth, not just in height or width.

In PostArt Ensemble we gathered our stories. Let them be a part of yours.

Jelena Soro – oboe/sax
Marie-Luise Alpermann – viola
Matej Čemažar – guitar
Thierno Diallo – double bass
Andrej Tomazin – pandeiro