One may think that it is easy to categorize Irish singer/Indie artist Carl Finlay but to do that would be a misnomer of epic proportions. Carl is a multi-faceted artist who is both educated in music as well as music history. A fan of the two Bobs (Dylan and Marley) as well as being well versed in genres ranging from folk to reggae. In fact, I found the conversation after the interview so stimulating that I included it as a “Part II”. So sit back, enjoy, and meet Carl Finlay.

‘Message to the Dreamer’ the single is due for release March 16th, followed by the ‘Follow the Moon’ album on March 30th.

About Carl Finlay:

Carl Finlay in Morrocco
Carl Finlay in Morrocco

Hot on the heels of the success of his previous single ‘So Hard to Be Happy’, which received BBC Radio 6 airplay, Carl Finlay has announced the release of his next single, ‘Message to the Dreamer’ and his debut album, ‘Follow the Moon’.

An eclectic mix of folk – drawn from his Irish roots, combined with rock and reggae influences, Carl conveys raw emotion, positivity and enlightenment through his music. He studies mankind’s ideologies through his intricate style of musical storytelling, and with tracks such as ‘Message to the Dreamer’, divulges an upbeat, positive word to the wise. It’s due for release March 16th, you can listen to it here:

His current ‘Mercury’ however has a much more sombre tone, a beautiful song about a lost love that truly touches the heart. Featuring mellow beats accompanied by Finlay’s unique vocals, ‘Mercury’ is the perfect track to help you through the chilly transition from winter to spring. It’s available now for a free download:

Working with the prestigious Rupert Cobb (The Killers, Muse, Massive Attack, Paul Simon) who played a key role in mastering the album, Carl’s new album is an insightful delight for the ears that is not to be missed.