93632-R.X._Bertoldi_&_SonBorn and raised in Washington State, Bertoldi’s learned all he knows about music from listening to other songwriters and musicians. He’s been strongly inspired and influenced by the music of Robert Johnson, Lightnin’ Hopkins, Little Walter, JJ Cale, John Hiatt, Bob Dylan, The Rolling Stones, and Tom Waits.

He started writing his own songs about twenty years ago, and it came as a welcome surprise to learn that–along with his family and friends–professional critics also appreciated his work. His songs and/or lyrics have been recognized in major song contests, including the John Lennon Song Contest, Billboard Song Contest, Unisong Contest, and the American Songwriter Magazine’s Lyric Contest, NewSong Music Contest, Song of the Year, and more.

Carrying on the family tradition, Bertoldi’s teenage son Luca has recently begun backing him on the drums. His percussive input certainly lifts the energy level and almost all of their new tracks benefit from this young drummer’s steady hands and feet.

The family duo benefited greatly on these sessions from the expert input of top-notch Seattle multi-instrumentalist and producer Johnny Sangster (Mudhoney, The Posies, etc.) Sangster’s tasteful additions of electric guitar, keyboards, bass (along with acclaimed bassist Keith Lowe’s warm upright acoustic bass lines on the two covers) make the tunes on this EP the most radio friendly Bertoldi has released to date.

R.X. Bertoldi is also a picture maker and the drawing for “Taking Back the Time” is his work. He also made the painting and drawing for the front and back of the jacket of his debut album “CD “Stronger not Bitter.

SOURCE: Official Bio