Within their latest release, Rattus Rattus, Ratghost continues to solidify their journey into the unfathomable and dark depths of metal music. Inside this Ratghost’s Rattus Rattus (2017) seven-track album, frontman Chad Hawkins has created an energetic and shadowy soundscape full of venomous lyrics, shredded guitar riffs, and aggressive vocals. The first trio of singles to be released include “Mothman,” “Rat Knife,” and “Stampede of Rats.” Got your shots? Rattus Rattus from Ratghost will bite and leave you with an irresistible craving for more merciless metal.

Ratghost’s inspirations within Rattus Rattus come from numerous sources such as older styles of Neurosis, The Jesus Lizard, and the Melvins. Chad explains, “Everything has some influence, whether good or bad, it depends on how you see it and incorporate it into your music.” Rattus Rattus is the follow-up to Ratghost’s self-titled debut EP release in September of 2015.

Ratghost describes the sound of their latest EP as a “ravenous metal with an infusion of mysteriously haunting musings. Stylistically, Chad Hawkins crafts his compositions to include edgy lyrics, an adrenaline rush covered with thrashed riffs, and raspy vocals. Rattus Rattus is a seven-track album that sold exclusively on vinyl. “We’ve had more luck with selling vinyl to our fans,” offers Hawkins. He continues, “With old-school vinyl and exceptionally produced imagery and album graphics, our fans consider it a piece of art – that’s what I want.”

The key tracks on Rattus Rattus include the just-released “Mothman.” The “Mothman” single showcases hardcore guitar solos, head-banging beats, and a high-octane, explosive arrangement. “Rat Knife” is the perfect example of the raw, bullet-to-the-bone vocals and powerful percussion. “Stampede of Rats” begins with a spoken, story-like intro which gives a warning of the impending infestation, then explodes into is a culmination of intense lyrics and heavy guitar. Ratghost will be looking forward to shows and tour dates shortly. Chad states, “We let things lead us where they will, and to meet people for a reason.” However, Beware! If you see and meet Ratghost, you can plan on being bitten. With their instruments, they’ve caused an infestation – and there’s no cure for their ravenous metal mayhem.

SOURCE: Official Bio