In the considerable global changes happening right under our noses (think new world order), it’s so refreshing to see a group of individuals a.k.a. an #indie group with significant media access a.k.a. The Moods, get it. Not only do they get it, and have their finger on the pulse of current events, they bring those events to light to the very masses that it counts the most, the youth. And the message is, change the system.

Spread the message… like a virus. Thank you to The Moods.

About The Moods:
Following a non-stop 2016 that included sell-out gigs in Glasgow and Manchester, great reviews, an artist development deal, their own short film for Joy released, and now included in a movie soundtrack, the rest of 2017 is looking very good for The Moods.

Early autumn, 2017 also sees the launch of film Strangeways Here We Come, starring Michelle Keegan, No Offence’s star, Elaine Cassidy, Bafta winner, Lauren Socha and former Eastender, Nina Wadia. Makers of the Salford-set, darkly-comic feature film chose not one but two of The Moods’ songs, for the soundtrack. The Aptly titled “Kids Carry Guns” is featured in the opening scenes, and new song “Keep Your Powder Dry” graces the final stages of the film. Placement of The Moods tracks was a recommendation of Terry Christian, and testament to the fact that their sound captures the atmosphere of northern urban life. This is a major UK Film release and will be shown in cinemas across 28 UK cities.

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The Moods’ message is loud and clear. This 9-strong band unifies rap, brass and beats, delivering potent, political lyrics for a post-2016 world. The Moods will make you dance, and then they’ll make you think.

The New Single JOY, released June 23rd, on A1M record label, has had a massive initial response, from both fans, regional & student radio, online stations and podcasts. Joy is currently being played on over 25 regional radio stations and as far away as USA and Australia. “Joy” – Mixing soaring vocals, rousing strings and drum and bass, Joy will have fans dancing in fields, on dance floors, in living rooms… wherever they happen to be when they’re lucky enough to hear the track”.

To promote the new single and video, The Moods take their bold, live show on the road for a UK tour, starting on June 16th. After a summer traveling around the country, the band returns to Manchester in September to launch their album, Missing Piece at Manchester’s Iconic O2 Ritz.

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