ReveLever is an artist from The Netherlands. The project is the brainchild of Randy Lever, a passionate artist, and songwriter with a really distinctive attitude. His sound blurs the lines between 80s pop melodies and edgy new wave textures, going for a unique and direct feel. Randy started out as a drummer, playing a lot of pop, rock, and metal. Throughout the span of his career, he became increasingly interested in synths and technology. The creative freedom of technology is absolutely unique, and the ability to explore different sonic ideas opened up many options for Randy, who eventually brought the ReveLever project to life in a very unique way.

For Randy, music isn’t just entertainment: it’s an important form of expression. The spontaneous and honest vibes of his works connect with listeners from all walks of life, who can relate to the artist’s unique, poignant, and charismatic style. ReveLever is all about combining hypnotic beats and straight-forward hooks with catchy melodic layers and creative arrangement ideas.

SOURCE: Official Bio