In this episode of ‘The Week in #Indie’ we have video premieres from Bentley Jones and Ask Carol as well as single and album premieres from Bailey Coats, Dives, Lakes, Shawn O’Donnell, The Asteroid No.4, Mile Me Deaf, and The KillerHertz.

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About Bentley Jones

Bentley Jones has just dropped his new video titled ‘I Could Be Your Girl’. Bentley is one of those artists that, when he releases something, I quietly think to myself ‘About time…’. I say this because he is a constantly and truly evolving artist. Each release is somewhat of a reinvention of both the artist and the music. This is just as true with ‘I Could Be Your Girl’.

The video is at times hypnotic and captivating yet gives that sense of solace and yearning. A dark longing for love and romantic closeness in a time of social distancing lending to that certain something we all feel at times, especially these times, in that we all need someone. I hear the words ‘Beauty is in the eyes of the beholder’ when I first watched this video and now those words have a meaning to me. This is a message to the world that beauty is more than sexual and sultry; it’s something we all have, and by knowing that you can get the deeper meaning of the music.

to me, Bentley is an artist who deserves everything he’s worked for and worked very hard for. Now entering his tenth year as an artist, he is just as fresh and new as ever and it shows.


About Ask Carol

Ask Carol have released their new video for the track titled ‘Run With You’. And, with this being their first actual music video, there is no better way to make their visual debut than with the eye candy set forth with ‘Run With You’. Constructed not only as a visual accompaniment to the song but as an artistic statement in of itself, the video gives visual punctuation to the percussiveness of the song while highlighting the hook and becoming almost a canvas for the song to paint on instead of the music becomes a soundtrack. This is essential because, as someone who reviews music every day, is exactly what a music video should be; an introduction to the music.


About Bailey Coats

Beginning as a vocal exercise, Baily starts the song off with a subtle bang of reminiscing of life and love with that message of no other way, sent to us just in time as a pick me up and mental reassurance that is well needed and deserved with the state of things being the way they are.

Featuring a unique duet between the percussive yet melodic vocals versus the staccato beat and lush piano-driven music, ‘No Way Out’ showcases a solid artist at the introduction of her career.


About Dives

DIVES is set to release their new single titled ‘100 Times’ on June 17, 2020. We get an advanced listen, however, of the suave new track in all of its glory and shimmering originality. The track is a showcase of sorts and a perfect introduction track to what DIVES’ sound is and creativity can bring. The song is a strong blend of solid chord progressions and harmonies that soar and dive in unison causing that inevitable hit of the repeat button.


About Lakes

Lakes drop their new single titled ‘Kids’ featuring Dan Lambton, formerly of Real Friends. Besides being a modern-day guitar juggernaut, ‘Kids’ has that carefree summer feeling that’s awash with the hook and swimming in that aural splendor that gives you a smile as you search for the repeat button because of that magical section you heard that captivated your ears. I love the subtle instrumentation, especially the horn (listen for it), along with the solid rhythm that gives everything that special and precise pronouncement that exclaims ‘I’m here’.


About Shawn O’Donnell

Shawn O’Donnell premieres his new single titled ‘Quicksand’ right here on Jammerzine. The first thing you capture at that first listen to the song is Shawn’s nearly perfect and natural voice. And what’s more, is that Shawn has that songwriter’s mentality that knows exactly what not only compliments his voice musically but what music can surround that vocal prowess to become an all-encompassing self-made style that lets the listener in and welcomes them to the next experience of their life.

‘Quicksand’ is a song that is all too aware of itself and, while having that introverted quality found in the best music and art, lets the listener in just enough to share that experience in a way that they feel like a part of the music and, in turn, the music becomes a part of their heart.


About The Asteroid No.4

The Asteroid No.4 are set to drop their new single titled ‘The After Glow’ tomorrow. In addition to that, however, we get the title track of the upcoming album ‘Northern Songs’ coming out later this summer. And within those two open windows of expression, we get a magnitude of sound both in scope and in vision. Both lush with thick and ‘wall-of-sound’ style guitars from shimmering to that beautiful 12-string and everything in between, The Asteroid No.4 creates a stage for the music and a theater for the mind with what I believe will be an imaginative album.

As of June 19, ‘The After Glow’ is available digitally online, including via Bandcamp and Spotify. The full album ‘Northern Songs’ will be released later this summer.


About Mile Me Deaf

Mile Me Deaf has released their new album titled ‘Ecco’ via Siluh Records. Featuring a much more synthesized and refined sound, Wolfgang Möstl, the mind behind the music, give that signature sound a kick with a solid set of hooks within the electronic realm and sends out a solid set of tracks each with their own purpose with the love of an artist and the care of a producer.


About The KillerHertz

The Killerhertz has officially dropped their new EP called ‘Innocent Sinners’. Packed with that ‘purrfect’ smooth and thick set of guitar tones most guitarists spend their whole lives seeking, and combine that with valid and thought out songwriting and hook mentoring, and you have The Killerhertz.

Every song is laid out like a well-planned attack. And each band member is solidly in step with each other as the songs vary from moods and manners yet remain true to the original vision capped off with the well-fitting vocals of Thomas Trold.


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