Punchy, edgy, catchy Yank rock: Say Yes, Do Nothing (SYDN) is a four-piece guitar-driven original rock band from north London. Winners of the 2018 Future Music Showcase Award, SYDN writes songs that are raw and poetic street reports on personal experiences with homelessness, abortion, abuse, and alcoholism. SYDN’s unique sound is neatly fused together with vocal harmonies, guitars, harmonica and mandolin.

Founding members Dave (lead vocals/rhythm guitar) and Simon (bass/backing vocals) met Michael (drums/backing vocals) at a gig in Kentish Town in late 2018. Soon after, Dan (lead guitar/backing vocals) joined after answering an online advert. Singer/songwriter Dave hails from the USA, where his previous band’s album was named the Los Angeles DIY Album of the Year (‘Apron Strings’ by Breech) and featured on the popular ‘Dawson’s Creek’ TV show. SYDN has just released their first video, ‘Making it Die’, with Neon Temple productions.

SOURCE: Official Bio