NYC artist Rikshaw drops his new album titled ‘Gem.In.I’. Rikshaw is an absolute powerhouse. A rhyme-slinger who spits lead and breathes fire. The marriage of beat, rhythm, and lyric clearly shows that the adrenaline flowed right through the studio and injected into the microphone with each and every track. Even on the slower track, ‘End’, there is energy only found in the most creative and determined. Each song is varied in its own right and style to show how much each track is given individual love. My personal fav is ‘I Earn’ with its monster bass, feminine touch, and lyrical assault in a tough on the outside love on the inside feel and groove.

‘Gem.In.I’ is out now.

About Rikshaw

Rikshaw is the puzzle piece that doesn’t quite fit. His musical landscape was forever changed when a cousin introduced him to Run DMC’s “Christmas In Hollis” and ANOTHER cousin loaned him an album by Whodini which he listened to on repeat over a weekend and promptly memorized.

With a love of Hip Hop, Rock, and Blues, his love of storytelling has extended to his lyrics in hopes of connecting his experiences with the listener. A raconteur and a bit of a wildcard, his latest work is Gem.In.I, a six-song EP magic trick; more open and baring than he has previously written with a healthy dose of hidden layers in the word choice.

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