1. I Don’t Want To Say Goodbye Scott Patton 3:15

Scott Patton is a singer-songwriter whose musical career started back in the early 80s in Bloomington, Minnesota. Coupled with some friends, Scott arranged an after-school show with other local bands at his high school, Lincoln High. After jamming with a variety of musicians from around Bloomington and even playing a few gigs, Scott Patton formed his first band. With Dave Wagner on bass guitar, and David Paquette on singing while playing drums, Scott Patton played the guitar and offered strong vocals. Scott’s personal music influences at that time were The Rolling Stones, The Beatles, Jimi Hendrix, Deep Purple, Led Zeppelin, Black Sabbath and Aerosmith.

As the 90s began, Scott worked as part of the band called “The Color Part 2” on lead guitar, Lane Allen on drums, and Mark Scott on bass guitar. All three artists sang on vocal backups and had multiple sets of originals and cover songs ready to go. The band was soon introduced to MCA recording artist, Melvin James. Melvin recorded the artists at Junior’s Motel recording studio in Iowa and they also recorded more songs at New Moon Studios. On the band’s 5th or 6th demo, the team got booked at The Cabooze in Minneapolis and played their multiple times for the next few years. The band also headlined at spectacular shows held at The Civic Center in Sioux Falls, South Dakota with artist Bad Finger. However, soon Scott Patton found himself looking towards a solo career as the band members split apart. Scott Patton has undergone several trials and tribulations as he has seen the troubles of alcoholism and artistic blockades. However, with his fresh new setup, he is all set to soar.

SOURCE: Official Bio