Shannon Scott
Shannon Scott

With the release of her full length album Carvings, Shannon Scott combines a unique approach to songwriting and a diverse palette of genres into one solid indie-pop record.

Although she is considered a solo artist, Shannon Scott has played with many musicians that come different musical backgrounds. This, with her college education in jazz studies, helped her develop her technique for writing arrangements. As her players changed so did the arrangements, and continually giving a fresh perspective to the same songs is how she grew into the songwriter she is today.

The first single, “The Call”, is a catchy indie-pop song complete with a horn section and a groove that makes you have to move; it draws you in more and more as it adds hooks and harmonies.

“The song is simply about sitting outside on a breezy summer day. I actually wrote it doing exactly that. The lyrics reflect the sensual experience, and the wind is “calling” to me in a kind of thoughtful or fanciful way,” says the songwriter of her single.

Although “The Call” delivers a definite indie-pop feel, the album covers every genre, from soul to adult contemporary and even jazz. A perfect example is “The Writer”: the beautiful piano sections and orchestral accompaniment paint a picture that you can hear. All told, Carvings is a tasteful and very well-produced album, with an array of musical landscapes that boast lyrics to suit.

“I think my sound is perpetually evolving… Hence the variety on the album. I swing back and forth between pop and jazz when I write,” explains Shannon.

Shannon has already played at many of the major venues in her hometown Vancouver, including multiple performances for the Vancouver International Jazz Festival. She is planning a Canadian tour for 2015.