If you were in high school or college during the late sixties and early seventies, you can probably recall knowing a number of musicians and songwriters and their garage bands. Creativity ran rampant and it seemed like so many people I knew were writing songs that reflected the era. Although many recorded their masterpieces on reel to reel and cassette recorders, very few, if any, were discovered by producers who could catapult them to stardom. In reality, for every song you heard on the radio, there were thousands being created and played in basements and garages across the USA. I dedicate this album to all those brilliant artists who remained undiscovered.

Here I offer a sampling of the songs I wrote and recorded during this time. I wrote hundreds of songs, recorded dozens and actually produced several “45s” that was played on radio stations across the eastern US, Canada, England, and Germany. My songs were reviewed in Billboard, Record World, Rolling Stone, and a few lesser known publications. I was pleasantly surprised recently to discover a few of my singles for sale on eBay and Amazon for upwards of $70 each. This helped me realize that, perhaps, there are still people with an interest in the raw sounds of this time period. If you are one of those people, then this album is for you. Enjoy!

Sid Bradley

P S – A special thanks to lead guitarists/vocalists extraordinaire Kelly Fowler and Don Lockridge, bassist Chris Reese and the late Mike Frakes (drums), the late Jeff Wahler (vocals and bass) , Kenny Hayden (drums), and the late “Little Rick” Howard (guitarist) for making this album possible. I also pay homage to the late Vic Sandre, the Estonian immigrant and successful IBM salesman who became my group’s manager and invested a small fortune into our professional recordings and their promotion.

Finally, a special thanks to my daughter Kelsey Paz for her creativity, technical skill, and input in the making of this album. I love you!

SOURCE: Official Bio