Starting out busking his way through Europe and going on to bring Delhi train station to a standstill as thousands came to watch him play on the platform, there seems to be nowhere Simon can’t charm with his music!

The singer-songwriter from Brighton set to take the world by storm with his beautiful music, influenced by the classic songwriters of the likes of The Beatles, Nirvana, and Bowie. At just 16 years old music had become his passion and soon became his ticket around the world!

‘Songs from a dream long Forgotten’ sees Simon team up with the producers at Green Mount Studio, Lee Smith & Jamie Lockhart, who arrange and play a wide variety of instruments, including violin, synths, and glockenspiel. Simon showcases his collaboration with artists and longtime friends, Peter Moore on ‘Burn The Man’ and Kate Mc Sherry on ‘Take Your Time’.

The new EP is predominately written by Simon with the help of Kate McSherry who he met on his travels whilst camping in the Redwood Forrest in North California. He has taken a piece of each person and place from his travels to create a patchwork of joys and frustrations that inspire his music.

The EP was recorded at Green Mount Studios in Leeds. Jamie Lockhart and Lee Smith performed, arranged and produced the EP.

SOURCE: Official Bio