Stage Republic produces Pop Music with a little bit of 80s and a lot of now.

Stage Republic has an instantly recognizable sound reminiscent of the 80s superbands like Duran Duran, Phil Collins and Sting combined with the best of Dutch beats and Raven’s trademark voice.

The US based International Music & Entertainment Association (IMEA) just officially nominated Stage Republic for an award in the categories “Best Alternative Group of the Year” and “Best Alternative Album of the Year”.

The band’s debut album “Firstage” is being praised for its variety in styles by reviewers. The album unites disco, pop, rock, dance and country-folk under one umbrella. The sound balances somewhere between European-pop-group and American-rock-band with a different emphasis in each song.

“Hooks Around every corner”. “Anthemic”Skope Magazine, US about “Firstage”

“A retro chic, rhythm heavy pop treat”, US about “Hollywood”

“A brilliant summer soundtrack”House in the Sand, Germany about “Firstage”

“Raven has a distinct vocal approach, melodically sound and easier coasting through tone and textures to fit each individual mood. There is a theme of hyperspeed relationships that seems to proliferate across Firstage, a fitting approach to a sound that (mostly) keeps a similar pace.”, US about “Firstage”

“The lyrics and vocals are so haunting that you are enchanted by the sheer beauty that is emitted from this song. Perfect”Daily Complaints, UK about “Falling Angel”

“Firstage is electronic, tight and innovative. Enough familiar sounds to make it accessible, plenty of authenticity and uniqueness to not call it a copycat. Stage Republic delivers a very strong debut album.”, NL about “Firstage”

The 1st single of the abum titled “All Out” marks everything Stage Republic stands for: refuse to think it’s hard – instead do everything in your power to achieve your goals. The song made it to the #1 position in the Official National Dutch Indie Chart and is the most played song of the album in the US where college and university radio stations are now picking up the music of Stage Republic in a big way.

The songs of Stage Republic deal with ambitions and relations in a fast changing world. The desire to have what you can’t have. To do the unthinkable. Achieve the impossible. There is often a dark undertone or double meaning. The album “Firstage” marks the proverbial First Stage in the life of Stage Republic.

Stage Republic is the vehicle of expression of eclectic Dutch recording artist Raven.

Dutch singer and songwriter Raven kickstarted his musical career when he was the first artist ever to launch a single on a USB-Stick which was still a revolutionary idea in 2005. He showed his sense of innovation again when in 2010 he released his Mystery Pop album containing songs inspired by a number of popular mystery books, all fully endorsed and co-promoted by the A-list authors including NY-Times bestselling authors like Glenn Cooper and Kathleen McGowan. The idea delivered him a Eurosonic Interactive Artist Award nomination and rocketing sales. Hollywood icon Patrice Chaplin arranged for a music video with Ellen Barkin for the single “City of Secrets”, inspired by her book of the same name. A quote by Raven was included on the cover of ‘The Cynical Idealist’, the John Lennon biography presented by Yoko Ono at the 30th anniversary of Lennon’s death in december 2010. In the same year, the British horror movie the Stone, in which Raven made his acting debut won Best Foreign Film award on the mountain film festival of California.

In recent years Raven released 2 albums and 9 singles in 2 languages under his Dutch artist name “Corjan”. His music was used in several films. Early 2013, he participated in a documentary alongside British Top-of-the-Pops presenter and Heart FM DJ Jamie Theakston.