Dancer turned recording artist Mz Day Day is ready to conquer hip hop with the debut of her single Conceited’. The Henry County teen has been a fixture at several youth events as a special guest or dancer, and now, she’s ready to dive in.

‘Conceited’ is a cuss free number that tackles the way young women resort to cyber bullying and rumor mills when they are jealous of another person’s success. Mz Day Day said she wants to make music younger people can enjoy that speaks to some of the situations they are facing.

“The making of the music video was pretty cool,” she says. “You basically see me coming into the studio being upset with the hate people are giving me and then you see me following advice to basically push that negative energy into positive energy but putting it into my music instead of retaliating.”

According to Mz Day Day, these are some of the lessons she is learning by being a part of Usher Raymond’s Atlanta-based youth group.

“Being a part of Usher’s New Look is one of the things I am most proud of,” she says. “Not only is it an opportunity to be a part of something great but it is also an opportunity to be able to learn from someone who is a big deal in the music industry and to network with young people my own age.”

It’s not just networking Mz Day Day is doing. The teen known for switching her hair colors or taking fashion risks, is also focused on philanthropy.

“I don’t believe you have to be a big success to start giving back,” she shared. “If you have a mindset to give back from the start, you are going to succeed and continue to have that mindset. It’ll be easier for you at the end of the day to do something you always did instead of try to do something brand new that’s not a habit.”