1. Pre-Emptive Strike Steven Bradley 3:03

Steven Bradley is the recording artist vehicle for producer Steve Kravac. After a long career making records for bands like M.X.P.X., Less Than Jake and 7 Seconds, Steven has been taking time to create his own compositions.

The result is his debut full length, “Summer Bliss and Autumn Tears.” Parts Matthew Sweet and Bob Mould with a dash of a young Elvis Costello and some Nick Lowe, it sounds a little as if Teenage Fanclub had settled in the midwest.

Steve wrote 11 songs for the record and played the majority of the instruments himself but it’s loaded with great performances from many of his friends as well.

Members of the MC5, Social Distortion, Redd Kross, M.X.P.X., 7 Seconds, Grapes of Wrath, Northern Pikes, Tom Waits Band, and Jackson Browne Band all contributed to the record.

You can stream the results at Steven’s “Artist Destination” and orders for the 12″ custom colored vinyl L.P. are now open at the Porterhouse Record Store.

SOURCE: Official Bio