Still Life With Cat is an alternative music project composed of Lisa Monaco (vocals), Giampiero Mariani (sounds) and Alessandro Di Zio (lyrics).

The idea of working on a brand new project started in 2013 when the lyricist Alessandro Di Zio and the guitarist and composer Giampiero Mariani decided to merge their past experiences and began to write songs.

The concept album Megadream took its primal shape.

In 2015 the singer and artist Lisa Monaco joined the project making her own contribution by giving a new direction to vocal melodies and lighting up dark electronic atmospheres. Furthermore, the sound of guitars and guests like Piero Delle Monache (sax) and Giuseppe Mastrogiuseppe (electric bass) gave more “humanity” to several tracks.

Megadream was finished in 2017: lyrics, music, arrangements, and atmospheres have been influenced by artists such as Pink Floyd, Radiohead, Chvrches, Bjork, Brian Eno and writers such as Orwell, Saramago, McCarthy.

The 10 songs making up the album talk about a dystopian world where humans are dominated by power and fear and look for some answers to their loneliness into a reality inhabited by machines. And the machines answer in their own way. So, “welcome to this mega dream”.

SOURCE: Official Bio