1. Gravedigger The Damn Devils 3:51

The Damn Devils is the collective mind of brothers-in-law Vin Perrotta and Age Graves alongside longtime friend Joey Dominick. Dealing with a life in quarantine and living thousands of miles apart, they teamed up sending files over the internet to collaborate on a hard-hitting self-titled album that runs the gamut of rock, pop, and metal. Their debut album will keep you coming back for more as you pick up on the intricacies of the music and the idiosyncrasies in the lyrics.

Vin’s expertly orchestrated drums and harmonies drive the group while Joey’s unmistakable guitar color dances around Age’s ear-candied hooks and melodies. From graveyards to bar fights, The Damn Devils are poised to find you a home in at least one of their songs. This is the first single to be taken from the album.

Age Bio

Age has been drawn to music since he was a little kid. He spent his childhood learning how to play drums, bass, and guitar, playing in several bands throughout high school and into his late teens. He decided to focus on vocals when he was 18 and spent the next 15 years locked in his room recording with artists from all over the world. He’d find musicians on craigslist or Indaba music looking for singers, write and record vocals to their songs, and often disappear back into his room, looking for another experiment. Vin and Age started a small project in Charlotte, NC in 2017 but Age moved to Boise, ID less than a year later to go on an adventure. After a few more failed attempts at projects online and in Boise, Age reached out to Vin to see if he wanted to collaborate over the internet on a few songs. Starting with Hell, the rest is history.

Vin Bio

When Vin was 8 years old, he watched his older cousin play drums and knew he had to try it. Once he did, he never looked back. Through wanting to write original songs, Vin taught himself guitar and bass and found a passion for song writing. At 10 years old, he met Joey and they have been a fixture in each other’s lives ever since. Vin and Joey would play in many bands, the most prominent of them was the popular Connecticut based band, X-IT, who went on to open for several national acts such as Wyclef Jean, The Mighty, Mighty Bosstones, John Entwistle of The Who, and Warrant.

After starting a family, Vin had resigned himself to playing alone in his garage studio until his brother-in-law, Age, came calling with some heart pounding song ideas. Despite living across the country from each other, they sent files and texted back and forth as they built one song after another. Vin and Age were able to pry Joey out of retirement to add his song-writing skills to the mix and The Damn Devils self-titled debut album was born.

Joey’s Bio

Joey enjoyed entertaining as a child, but it wasn’t until he saw Eddie Van Halen on TV that he dreamed of becoming a rockstar. He picked up the guitar at the age of nine, and within a few short years had formed a band with his lifelong musical partner Vin. They landed their first gig at only sixteen, and went on to play in several bands together. At the height of their musical career with X-IT, they played regularly throughout the Tri-State area and opened for dozens of national acts such as .38 Special, The Tubes, Great White and Foreigner.

When X-IT eventually disbanded, Joey assumed that his musical dream was over, but he happily settled into life as a new Dad. Years later, Vin started sending him songs that he had been writing and recording with his brother-in-law Age. Eventually Joey couldn’t resist and jumped into the project with them. He was able to help Vin and Age finish the Damn Devils debut album, and is looking forward to whatever is next on their musical journey.