Suzy Sun - That's Just Life
Suzy Sun – That’s Just Life

Susy Sun is a classically trained pianist and singer/songwriter from the Pacific Northwest. She performs piano compositions with a sweet voice, which contradicts her edgy, honest lyrics. Solo or accompanied by a full band, the result is a strong, sultry, and playful sound that demands your attention and mesmerizes audiences everywhere.

Aside from exploring her own Native American and Swedish culture, Susy Sun has taught music in London, worked at a farm in Greece, and studied Spanish in Spain. Her travels confirmed that she would never be content brushing off her musical dreams, and after a few years of cubicle life, she dropped the corporate world to pursue her biggest passion.

In 2013, she released her latest full album, Wanderlust. Engineered by Shawn Simmons. (The Head and The Heart), Wanderlust features the Passenger String Quartet led by Andrew Joslyn, (Macklemore, David Bazan, Judy Collins), resulting in a riveting chamber pop sound that has captured audiences of all genres and ages. Sun’s first single for London Tone Music & the 52×52 label launch is called, That’s Just Life. When asked about the origins of the song, Susy explained that it involved three separate ideas and themes coming together. “I was originally commissioned to write a song for my friend’s fashion show. Her themes for the clothing line were based around childhood, time, growth and change. After reflecting a lot on these themes, I realized how quickly life seems to be passing by.” Another theme of the song is Susy’s love of the ocean. “When I’m stressed, or in need of inspiration, I always go to the sea, she says, adding, “The sea is calming, beautiful and deep. It makes me feel like I’m a part of something big.” Finally, Susy recalls, “While I was writing this song, I was also rediscovering some of my favorite French romantic composers, like Debussy, Ravel and Chopin. French romantic classical music also reminds me of the ocean. It ebbs and flows and is full of emotion. The idea that time is escaping us is scary. Yet, when it’s compared to the ocean, it doesn’t seem as scary. It’s seems just right. And, when it sounds like a French romantic piece, it becomes even less scary. My idea was to create a song to make it all ok.”

Although no stranger to studio recording, this was the first time Susy recorded at London Bridge Studio and worked with producer/engineer, Eric Lilavois. On the experience, she was effusive. “Working with Eric was absolutely wonderful. Eric has a special energy about him that makes him really pleasant to be around. He is also a wizard in the studio! Andrew Joslyn of The Passenger String Quartet was also a big part of this song. His string arrangements tend to turn a song into gold.” Susy is excited about being part of London Tone’s 52×52 project, saying, “I love Seattle’s music community and get a lot of inspiration through all of the local musicians and the industry.

I’m excited about what the label is doing and am overjoyed to be a part of it all. As The Beatles say, “I get by with a little help from my friends.”