Passion, dedication, and determination are at the heart of Maryland natives My Ransomed Soul. Since the bands inception in 2007, the band has grown significantly while developing a unique and distinctive sound. After years of touring and various releases the band has been able to mature not only as musicians but also as individuals. Musically the band has built their foundation on elements of metal and hardcore while not hesitating to blend influences from various other genres. The bands most recent release, Trilateral, is the pinnacle of the bands progression.

While the core of each song maintains the distinctive elements that define My Ransomed Soul’s sound, the band strives to push their own established boundaries with each individual arrangement and live performance. The collaboration of each individual member and producer involved in every aspect of the creation and production has crafted an aggressive yet creative take on modern metal music.

Additionally, the band is not afraid to address societal issues with a skeptical eye. Politics, human nature, and spirituality are just a few of the themes prevalent lyrically. “If there is one thing I would like accomplish with our lyrics is to get people to think” says vocalist Brendan Frey.

“I want people to take a hard look at themselves and the things around them and really question what they know. I want to inspire not only a personal shift in perception, but to motivate action to change society as a whole.”

My Ransomed Soul is:

  • Brendan Frey
  • Garrison Frey
  • Hector Fernandez
  • Fredy Menjivar