1. Dynamite Symfinity 4:12

NYC’s Symfinity harnesses the power of a full symphony orchestra, combines it with a metal edge, and infuses surprising pop-rock undertones to transport you elsewhere. Featuring Seann as frontman/composer/orchestrator, Doc on guitar, Averi on varied wind instruments, and Crystal on keyboards/engineering, Symfinity drives home dramatic anthems that move audiences with their emotional impact.

This is symphonic metal as it’s never been done before. Sharing the stage with such acts as Sonata Arctica and Tarja, Symfinity’s music satisfies the uncommon role of being both metal and family-friendly, and touches on relatable life topics that resonate personally with listeners. Affectionately dubbed as “Jethro Tull meets Nightwish”, and “The Moody Blues meets Kamelot”, Symfinity fuses multiple genres in an innovative way that appeases a wide-reaching audience.

Symfinity is for all. The band delivers galvanizing musical anthems that evoke curiosity and wonder in its listeners. The cacophony of instruments ringing out in harmony is spectacle enough to intrigue both devoted fans and unsuspecting onlookers alike.

Symfinity excitedly awaits the release of their new album, Anthem, in early 2020 – which showcases their current, heavier sound. In the meantime, audiences can enjoy their released singles, Everything I Know Explodes, Dynamite, and Halfway – along with earlier, more rock ballad-styled albums Apocrypha and Intangible Dreams.

SOURCE: Official Bio