The Freejacks are a flower punk band that formed in 2010 when Crow approached Zowie about playing drums for him and forming a band. The band all met each other at The Box Social open mics having a good time each doing their own thing every week. After the first Freejacks show Wembley decided to join the band being good friends with Crow and decided to play bass. The Freejacks performed all over Sarasota, FL including venues such as The Cock n’ Bull, The Blue Owl, The (extremely underground) Closet, Growlers, plenty of times at The Shamrock, and a couple of house parties. The Freejacks recorded two low fidelity CDs in 2011 called Escape and the Live. Shadows of the Limelite was recorded in 2017 and it was their first high fidelity demo which is available on Bandcamp. The Freejacks are getting ready to record their second demo soon.

SOURCE: Official Bio