Ashton Nyte drops the equivalent of a dark soul-bomb in the form of his new video from The Awakening titled ‘Back to Wonderland’. I have to first start with the fact that I am a massive Ashton/The Awakening fan, so I may be a little biased. But, in fact, I can still write a comprehensive review because, well, his music speaks for itself. Those who are already fans and those just becoming acquainted (or awakened) can all agree on one simple truth: Ashton has found his own sound. That is a monumental feat for any artist, but to nurture and culture that sounds with every release is musical magic.

‘Back to Wonderland’ has that dark tinge that those in the know of The Awakening can expect, but there is also somewhat of a majestic yet down-to-earth feel about both the track and the video. To the point that the video is more of a visual track to the song than the song a soundtrack to the video. And that is where the music stands its ground. ‘Back to Wonderland’ has a personality about it in the construction and presentation that lets the listener in with a subtle captivation that one usually finds in select film scores or a sonata. Let your speakers interpret the brilliance.

The Awakening is getting ready to embark on a European tour with The Mission’s Wayne Hussey and Evi Vine beginning September 3rd (dates below). Ticket information is available HERE.

Wayne Hussey & Ahston Nyte Tour 2019
Wayne Hussey & Ahston Nyte Tour 2019

About The Awakening
The Awakening has just released a brand-new video for “Back To Wonderland”, off their most recent album, “Chasm” (Intervention Arts). Ashton Nyte, the man behind The Awakening has said that he chose excerpts from the iconic German Expressionist movie “Metropolis” to help illustrate the subject matter and message of the song. The “Back To Wonderland” video features Ashton Nyte and Rose Mortem of The Awakening, filmed by Ashton Nyte and Damin Smit and edited by Nyte. Music and lyrics by Ashton Nyte. Published by Intervention Arts.

“Lyrically, Back To Wonderland is essentially about our tendency to rather amuse ourselves than deal with or even acknowledge the awful things taking place in the world at any given moment. I believe every one of us could make a difference if we could put other people above our own selfishness and our insatiable desire to be entertained,” says Nyte.

The Salad Daze Tour will see both artists performing solo in a more intimate setting. “It will be absolutely wonderful touring with Wayne again! The Mission was a significant influence on the genesis of The Awakening and Wayne has remained an inspiration in my artistic life. I am also blessed to call him a friend” says Ashton Nyte.

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Wayne Hussey adds, “I met Ashton and that beautiful baritone voice of his a few years back and we have since remained friends and supporters of each other’s work. Of course, we both also continue to be heavily involved with Michael Ciravolo’s ‘Beauty In Chaos’ project. So, it is with huge pleasure I can confirm that Ashton will be supporting me on the mainland Europe (except Greece & Sweden) leg of my ‘Salad Daze’ tour. It’ll be great to have him along for the ride. Bring your driving license, Ashton, you can share the driving, there’s an awful lot of it.”

Experience one of these unique acoustic shows and see Ashton Nyte from The Awakening on tour in 36 cities, supporting Wayne Hussey as a special guest on Wayne’s “Salad Daze Acoustic Tour 2019”.