It all started with a layoff notice after spending over twelve years at the same company. The melody of the song “Just the Minute” was like a musical mantra to keep Sheldon’s sanity. The words, the recording, and the realization that it was a beginning of something new and good was the result. Sheldon’s other band of twenty-one years was in a lull, and he knew it was time to try something new. It was a chance to explore and discover his true voice, thus was born the project and name, The Grand Who Am I.

Sheldon Reynolds has been playing music most of his life. He took piano lessons as a child, learned guitar as a teenager and started producing in college, finishing that venture with a theater arts degree.

After some searching, Reynolds formed an industrial pop band and he’s been screaming and screeching together with them for over two decades now. As the years passed, Sheldon became more than a little curious about how his fans and public might receive his “normal” singing voice as well as his “traditional” music.

If this were a job interview, Sheldon would admit his greatest weakness is staying genre- specific. He writes and produces the songs as they come to him, however, he doesn’t pay much attention to labeling his music until it’s time to promote those songs. His muse makes his art a mixed bag, “I love all kinds of music. My influences come from all over the place,” Reynolds explains.

If you listen to only one song by The Grand Who Am I, you have most definitely not heard them all. The most common elements are marching band drums (especially the snare), standup bass, Middle Eastern-influenced vocals, strings, piano and a general lack of guitar. The album I Will Wait for You has hints of world music, folk, jazz, electronic, ragtime, alternative, and pop. Influences include Voltaire, Peter Murphy, Dead Can Dance, Gogol Bordello, and Florence and the Machine.

The album I Will Wait for You is the answer to the question “Who Am I?” It is “The Grand.” The answer may not be simple, but hopefully, it is a pleasure to listen to and Sheldon Reynolds – All My Life on Music Submitto explore. It’s not meant to be angry, although it is a little melancholy at times, with each low there is a little hopefulness sprinkled inside.

Writing “Happy” is not first nature to Sheldon, but he found much joy and surprise while writing some of the more buoyant tunes, such as “Ups and Downs” and “Bells and Whistles.” “I Will Wait for You” is an album of hope. Sheldon Reynolds is currently working on material for a music video, as well as putting together a performance for live shows. Songs for the next album should also be coming very soon as well.

SOURCE: Official Bio