Looking for a set of tracks to pass the time on a long summer drive through the country, then look no farther than Somehow’s new album titled ‘Hidden Memories’. Track by Track, ‘Hidden Memories’ slowly transforms itself into the next soundtrack to that lazy memory of a good time with the one you love as you have deep conversations down that long and winding road. Each song gives a lush landscape and a clear definition of creativity with each its own signature sound ranging from crystal clear acoustic to catchy alt-pop and everywhere in between. Welcome to the next experience of your life.

Get your copy of ‘Hidden Memories’ via Bandcamp. Released via Too Long Records.

About Somehow
Somehow is an indie-pop / lo-fi project led by Erwan P., a DIY multi-instrumentalist based in Paris

Somehow is:
Erwan Pépiot (vocals, guitar, bass, drums, keyboard)
Aurélie Tremblay (vocals, cello)

SOURCE: Bandcamp