93012-PosterThe Hot Sauce Committee is a 90’s cover band from Chicago. They bring full production lights, video, and a million “Peppermint Lattes” worth of energy. They also bring some sweet hip thrusts and air grabs performed perfectly “N SYNC”. They have a slew of themed sets up their sleeves that includes a BOY BAND NIGHT and their staple 90’s DANCE PARTY!

The SAUCE is spreading nationwide playing memorable events like the NHL Stadium Series, Dustin Diamond’s Bayside Bash, Yelp’s Chi-beria Sendoff, Summerfest in Milwaukee and more.

With Serv on the lead vocals, Bender on guitar, Nick-Lightning on Bass, and Danger-Russ on Drums; these boys bring a crazy fun show to any stage they are on. They just released their EP (You Light Me Up) which features a number of Hot Sauce Style’d Covers, their original track: You Light Me Up, and a mash up with Andy Gibb’s Shadow Dancing. (approved by Barry Gibb himself).

SOURCE: Official Bio