The Key Rocks is a solo project from Irishman Kevin James Murphy. Born in Dublin Ireland 1971 to a musical household. Studied piano and music from a young age and then branched into a recorder, guitar, clarinet and a variety of other instruments. Derailed from the music path for many years as he helps down the “day job”. Passions re-emerged when he started to actively support up and coming artists and bands in helping them release music. Decided to try and record and release music from home in a LoFi, don’t break the bank approach, utilizing outlets like CD Baby to get the music distributed globally.

During 2019 he has managed to attract over 41,900 followers on Spotify, significant international radio airplay including some key independent radio interviews across Europe and the United States.

Deje Reve is the second album from The Key Rocks releases in May 2020.

SOURCE: Official Bio