Stars and Rabbit have just released their new album titled ‘Rainbow Aisle’. Already in contention for one of our ‘albums of the year’ mention at the end of this year, Stars and Rabbit are one of those bands that continuously hit the nail on the musical head with a monster signature sound and a totally recognizable style at the first and initial listen. This is unheard of in today’s music scene, but it really brings a smile to my face knowing that someone is still able to pull it off.

Each track flows into the next while retaining that magical sound collectively and distinct personality within each track individually. And, to be honest, to compare them with anyone else at this point in their career would be a disservice and a distraction. While I do hear hints of influence such as Camera Obscura, Brian Wilson, and Burt Bacharach (eclectic mix, I know) as well as the quirkiness mentioned in the bio below, all I can say having said that is that if you like artists such as them, then you will like Stars and Rabbit. But it goes well beyond that.

As I said before, this band has found their sound. And that sound is called Stars and Rabbit. Past the influences that they show, that sound is then thrown into a blender of originality and creativity because everyone involved has their signature sound. Elda and Didit take elements of their personality and talents and transcend every border people perceive in music and let their personalities shine in every track, making ‘Rainbow Aisle’ more of a testimonial than an album. Brilliant.

‘Rainbow Aisle’ is out now.


Hailing from the Indonesian island of Java, Stars and Rabbit deliver fun and unpredictable, mixing the classic quirkiness of Carole King and The Carpenters with the modern creative vibes of Sia and Little Dragon.

Spearheaded by female singer-songwriter Elda and musical director Didit, the band has quickly established themselves as a gem of the Indonesian music scene with the kind of broad appeal that smacks of crossover success. Elda founded Stars and Rabbit in 2011 as an outlet for her love of music. Didit, a veteran of the island’s rock scene, saw a spark in Elda’s innocent passion for music, and the two joined forces, releasing a debut album, a collaboration LP and 2 live albums, in quick succession. Their small and intimate gigs have already achieved cult status in their native city of Jogja.

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Their new LP, ‘Rainbow Aisle’, a full spectrum of colors, showcasing their knack for groovy electro-rock as well as intimate acoustic confessions. “We usually write about meaningful relationships with life and other beings. We’re admittedly a bit obsessed with a utopian type of existence,” Elda asserts. “I guess that’s why I love music…it makes me feel like anything is possible.”

Featured image by Robby Suharlim.