The Mighty Rollers – a lively band from Hamburg Germany. They have been described as if The Foo Fighters jammed with Lenny Kravitz and The Red Hot Chili Peppers. Their catchy original melodies, big harmonies, funky grooves and impressive solos make up a setlist you can dance along with.

That would be enough to please any music fan, but throw in The Rollers titillating twists on some unexpected favorite cover tunes, and you’ve got a mega-memorable night of live music on your hands. Anyone who has seen Groovement live will easily understand why fans and event promoters are so impressed: The Mighty Rollers sound incorporates funky dance grooves, high-energy rock, and roll, pop-style song structure with catchy, melodic hooks. The Mighty Rollers are also skilled at mixing in unexpected cover songs from many different genres. Their takes on well-known favorites is a nice change of pace while also giving new fans something familiar to sing along with.

But as Rico Bowen noted, the group emphasizes its original songs and sound – and thereby embraces many fans whose tastes aren’t as simple. “We are working on new material now, finishing and polishing a big chunk of songs,” he said. “We will be introducing one song a month for the rest of this year. The Mighty Rollers efforts are founded on decades of experience among its talented lineup – Rico Bowen on Bass & Vocals, Jam Monir on Guitar & Vocals, Till von Dahlen on Drums.

SOURCE: Official Bio