Jammerzine has premiered the new sophomore EP from Business titled ‘A Weekend At Finn’s’. A trio of virtuosos from the Gold Coast, Business are all business when it comes to their sound and conjured up a collection of five tracks that will make new fans and take the band to the next level. Every song is solid and infectious in five individual ways and combine to make a concept and a story.

Musically, ‘A Weekend At Finn’s’ is a fun ride filled with songs that extrovert the introverts by artists who wear their hearts on their sleeves and shout their feelings through the PA.

The highly-anticipated release of the newest BUSINESS. EP ‘a weekend at finn’s’ is scheduled for October 15.

About Business & ‘A Weekend At Finn’s’

Gold Coast indie-pop trio Business. are known for their easy-going professionalism and humble charm, their decision to choose coastal melodies and honest lyricism over office chairs and water-cooler chat reaffirmed once again with the release of sophomore EP ‘a weekend at finn’s’ on October 15.

Demonstrating their strong work ethic, Business. have been steadily growing their repertoire since forming in 2020, releasing debut EP ‘Like You’ earlier this year, ahead of the first taste of ‘a weekend at finn’s’ with lead single ‘i need another plan’ unveiled last month.

Now, Business. have pieced together a dynamic five-track EP that rides the emotional rollercoaster of self-discovery, making some introspective yet relatable observations about heartbreak, self-reliance and the desire for change.

Opening the EP is fast-moving, sprightly track ‘dreaming again’, using slightly distorted vocals and crunchy guitar layers to create a veil of unreality as intense, gripping percussion journeys through the pitfalls of living in the past and being unable to move forward.

Dripping in the desire for change, lead single ‘i need another plan’ leaps into life with the satisfying crackle of vinyl as warm guitars pair deftly with frontman Elijah Hughes’ golden vocals, an underlying yearning for the opportunity to start over and be better found beneath the sunshine-infused melodies.

‘all that’ builds incrementally with raw, powerfully delivered verses until the chorus bursts into full bloom with star-spangled synths and show-stealing guitar riffs, this contrast demonstrating the importance of experiencing life’s more subdued moments in order to truly appreciate the highs.

Stripped-back and heartbroken, ‘melbourne’ follows, using vulnerable vocals delivered through an honest lens to detail this lonely tale about a boy and his guitar, missing a girl who’s moved away.

Closing the EP is stirring track ‘home’, burning slowly as brooding vocals are joined by the jovial strum of the guitar, a reminder that alone time is the key to a healthy mind as vibrant guitar licks and pensive percussion make themselves known and the EP comes to an end.