Birds is the first in a series of four singles to be released over the coming months, all entirely self-recorded and produced by the band, working remotely during COVID-19 lockdown.

Singer and multi-instrumentalist Beth Hopkins explains: “These songs were born from a musical experiment between friends, where participants would add elements to a track before passing it on, like a game of musical consequences.”

“With COVID putting a stop to rehearsals, we realized that this game could actually provide a useful framework for continued collaboration as a band.”

“What began as a simple experiment in layering, designed to keep lockdown madness at bay, became something surprising and sonically rich. The pressure and freedom of being alone, briefly holding the band’s only baby, meant we were encouraging each other to push for eyebrow-raising ideas to inspire the next musical direction.”

The Birds video was helmed by Birmingham director Damien Hyde (Instagram: @damo_hyde), and filmed in accordance with social distancing measures. Birds will be available to download from Bandcamp on Friday, February 5. It will launch simultaneously on all major streaming services.

SOURCE: Official Bio