Kaz Mirblouk has dropped his new album titled ‘Careless by Contrast’. Kaz, to me, is an inspirational mix of creativity, originality, and personality. Kind of like a crooner style version of Beck. And that’s a good thing. That solid and varied mix of instruments and original vocals is enough to get you through that door into the house of Kaz. Enjoy!

About Kaz Mirblouk

If you were an avid show-goer in pre-pandemic times, it’s likely you saw Kaz Mirblouk at some point. Over the past several years, he’s made a name for himself as a reliable and talented sideman, performing with Hooveriii and Numb•er. Now, he’s found the time to double down on his solo efforts, drawing from his wealth of experience and influences to make one of the most dynamic and interesting post-punk records we’ve heard all year.

Read his piece at Talkhouse for the first single “Borderline”, where he discusses growing up as a son of immigrants and the weight of knowing all they gave up to provide for his opportunities, and watch the videos for “Title Sequence” and “Dozer” below.

Over the past seven years, Kaz Mirblouk, a Los Angeles-based native, has played throughout North America and Europe with his solo project, and as a member of Hooveriii and Numb•er since 2017. While attending school in Davis, Mirblouk started performing at local house shows as a two-piece along with Greta Soos on drums. He began touring the summer of 2014 along the west coast with Joey Kaufman. His first EP, Through the Glass, was released in 2015 on Lolipop records.

A year later his first record, Imitate, Intimidate, was also released on Lolipop and toured the US and Canada. After graduation, Mirblouk moved back to LA. Six Tonnes De Chair released Sidestep as a 7-inch in the summer of 2017. The pair of songs represented a departure from the surf and psych-rock styling of his collegiate releases.

His second record, Careless by Contrast, was written throughout late-2017 and early-2018. Mirblouk enlisted the help of Louis Cohen to co-produce the record. Experimenting with new styles and genres, Mirblouk and Cohen pushed his songwriting towards maximalism while exploring themes of transition and nostalgia.

Between touring internationally in 2018 and 2019, Mirblouk self-recorded the record, featuring friends like Spencer Hoffman, Oliver Pinnel (Jay Som), and other bandmates to create his most refined and layered work to date.