The Open Feel - Retrofire
The Open Feel – Retrofire

The Open Feel is the alternative rock creation of Katie Harris (Vocals and Guitars) and Tom Brayton (Drums and Bass). The band began as a songwriting collaboration to give the duo an avenue to create music that was “as honest as possible for the two of us.” Without the aim of creating anything “commercial” or “spin-worthy,” they sat down and began experimenting and writing. After a year and a half, they felt they had finally found the “sound” that they wanted to develop into a band. It was then that the dreamy and ethereal rock band The Open Feel was born.

They began recording their debut EP in the summer of 2009 at their home studio in Southern California with Harris and Brayton playing all the instruments (with a little help on guitar from good friend Clint Walsh on the song Detach) and taking on engineering and producing duties. Mixed by Will Brierre and mastered by Steve Hall, The Open Feel EP was released in 2010.