In the early eighties, the other side was a band made up of musicians who were all passionate, full of anger and wanting change in society and the world as a whole … the band wrote songs about the state of the natural world (disappearing world) the state of UK politics and social desperation in Thatcher’s Britain (free them) … how badly disabled people are treated (not the alien) … men yes men, who are in abusive, controlling relationships (pity those who suffer) heroin addiction (say no) … the threat of nuclear war (shout out) … the futility of war and the desperate mental health issues of our servicemen and women (is that what wars are for) … if you like your music with meaning, melody, punch and an original sound, then you’re in the right place … all the music is available from the usual places and on a CD … if you like the idea of something physical …

SOURCE: Official Bio