For any time of folk music to work, whether it be Americana or Alt-Folk, or anything in between, it has to be earnest. Gutter Sparrow (aka John Mosloskie) achieves that with his sense of musical style combined with his lyrically weathered words. His new album titled ‘The Waker Dreams’ drops on October 25th, the album explores that consciousness found within the states of awakeness and dreaming.

Above we have two examples of the music to be found on ‘The Waker Dreams’, ‘Clear Light of Morning’ and ‘Sheridan’. These are two perfect tracks to contrast because musically they are almost night and day. ‘Clear Light of Morning’ is a more subdued and ‘feel-type’ of track with a ‘troubadour’ style within the vocals and lyrics with a ‘poet to music’ vibe throughout. ‘Sheridan’, on the other hand, is more of a straight-forward swing groove with a slight electric guitar thrown in for that highway road trip feeling while still holding on to its fol-style roots making this a memorable track all its own.

About ‘The Waker Dreams’

‘The Waker Dreams’ is the second full-length Gutter Sparrow album, successor to his 2017 debut The Fear of Forgottenness (Meadowlands Records).

The album explores the cycle of waking and dreaming across its nine songs, investigating the role of dream- as-guide within the labyrinth of consciousness, an interior illumination that paradoxically emerges from a realm of shadow.

The Waker Dreams was produced and mixed by Anthony LaMarca (The War On Drugs, The Building) at the legendary Peppermint Studios in Youngstown, Ohio.

  1. Clear Light of Morning (2:47)
  2. This Day Is A Feast (5:07)
  3. Follow The Wind (2:54)
  4. Sheridan (4:07)
  5. Without Love (4:50)
  6. Lost Highway (5:57)
  7. Wash My Blues Away (3:15)
  8. The Waker Dreams (6:15)
  9. Across The Sea (3:09)

Gutter Sparrow is the solo music of John Mosloskie, who wrote and sang for Holler Wild Rose. He also has had the pleasure of touring/recording with Ian McGlynn, Ben+Vesper, Aradhna, The Loom, Jesse Marchant, Heather Woods Broderick, and The Building.