I was born in 1988, My name is Timothy Ciantar I’m a die hard, self taught music creator and avid music fan. I first started playing guitar back in high school just for fun and to be in a bands. But have a genuine passion for all instruments.

Playing in front of the school assembly was a regular occurrence and blasting them with a dose of Metal most times. After high school I decided to continue playing on a more serious level, being in multiple bands ranging through genres.

A few years more, after high school I was asked to audition for local rock band “October Rage”, the audition went rather well and it was not long after that, I was asked to officially join the band. We went on to play many shows and later recorded a Single titled “Silverline” which was well received by our friends and fans.

We also recorded an album (“Outrage”) and a second single (“White Walkers, which the theme was based on hit HBO series Game Of Thrones) This track was also well received nationally and Internationally.

We had some luck a little bit down the track ,winning a competition run by Triple M and scoring the spot of opening for Bon Jovi in Sydney on their Circle Tour in Australia.

Following that the we decided to make plans to tour the USA in which we travelled far and wide smashing shows at various venues and scoring fun supports most notably with acts such as “Steel Panther” and “Sevendust”.

The whole tour was a great experience and a very insightful learning process to the music industry. Towards the end of the tour I decided to part ways with the band due to various issues and wanting a change in direction. So after my last show I headed back to the homeland!

I now currently run a small Music Production business and I also collaborate with other local artists. Theres no restrictions now to what I can do, where I can take this and what i can achieve, I can finally bring my passion to fruition.

I write a range of music, not limiting myself to one style or set genre. I have written, Rock, Pop, Electronic, Cinematic, Music For Film/Games, Metal, Acoustic, Rap and a fair few others.

Last year (2013) one of my many tracks Spectral Confuserium” was nominated for an award at the MusicOZ awards in the instrumental category. It was an honour being a finalist and part of such a great event for local independent artists. I plan on entering many tracks again this year!

I have also recently been a judge for the Global battle of the bands heats locally, nutting out some of the hottest talent about!