1. The Climb To Hell With Tradition 3:57

To Hell With Tradition is a solo project founded in 2019 by Achim Hofmeyer, a singer, songwriter, multi-instrumentalist and producer based in Heidelberg, Germany.

On his 2020 debut To Hell With Tradition, Achim processes his failed marriage and the awareness of having lived the greater part of his life dictated by external expectations and falsely accepted and adopted external goals as his own. The result is an indie rock record that uses elements from pop, folk and blues, partially ignores conventional song structures, plays with rhythmic patterns, tempo and instrumentation whilst wrapping all that in bittersweet tunes – basically the aural equivalent of dark chocolate and rich, dry red wine.

Now, barely 14 months after the release of the self-titled debut, To Hell With Tradition is picking up the pace with Stitches. Wounds have healed and the focus is shifting from the past to the present moment. The bittersweet melancholic resignation that makes the predecessor the ideal soundtrack of sleepless nights yields to the pressing impulse to actively give meaning to the new day dawning. Carried by driving rhythms and an accented staccato piano, or embedded in orchestral tapestries of sound, Stitches grabs the reflex hammer and tampers with the motor nervous system.

SOURCE: Official Bio