Due to a genetic eye disorder that is slowly causing blindness, Todd Michael Smith, a self-taught musician, hung up his car keys in the late 1990s and moved from Vermont to Boston’s Fenway area, fatefully just a stone’s throw from the Berklee College of Music. Having already completed one college degree, Todd took the opportunity and plunged headfirst into a double major at the school, primarily concentrating on learning modern production and arranging skills. Upon graduating, he began the real work of honing his production and writing craft, hour by hour, day by day, week after week.

Gigs included performing and acting as musical director for a 10-piece rock ‘n soul review, and guitarist and arranger for local folk-rock artist Grace Morrison. Later, he would join noted hard rock outfit Starr Faithfull on guitar, keys, and backing vocals, and performed with the band for about a year. He also subbed on occasion for the well-regarded Allmans tribute band, The Peacheaters, essentially filling the “Duane” role. In 2009, his Irish instrumental “Cliffs of Aran” got a write-up in Guitar Player Magazine. Thousands of hours of working with digital audio led him to work for the recording studio at the world-renowned Perkins School for the Blind, creating audio books for the visually impaired community.

By the time he left Perkins, he was managing the department. In 2014, Todd joined the classic rock-inspired Rolling Nectar on bass. He also co-wrote many of RN’s songs during his tenure, which ended in 2017. That same year saw him build a vintage rhythm and blues group, Sugar & The Essential Spice, for whom he supplies guitar and vocals. He is now producing a new batch of original material. Todd’s gone back to basics with straight-forward, bluesy, hooky rock ‘n roll inspired by the likes of Robin Trower, Bad Company, Eric Clapton, Freddie King, Lynyrd Skynyrd, and early Fleetwood Mac.

SOURCE: Official Bio