It’s a rare thing nowadays to come across a song or piece of music that implies a positive message, much less a new piece of music. That is all the more why it is an absolute pleasure to give this Jammerzine exclusive premiere of such fine talent in the form of Canadian hip hop artist Jamel Thomas. Jamel has a finely crafted sense of self and originality that shines through on his new track and video titled ‘It Starts At Home’.

Jamel gives a somewhat autobiographical stance within the music and shows that hip hop is best used as a social time stamp and origin story used as inspiration for others yearning to be in the game.

“This is that haircut at 4 years old from my brother while he’s playing tapes in the 90’s. “It Starts At Home” is about my connection to Hip-Hop. The video features my real family and peoples. It’s who I am, my relationship to this music and how I was raised with it since birth through my brothers and cousins. It’s also meant to spark people to go for their own dreams, this is how it all started for me.”
– Jamel Thomas

About Jamel Thomas
Jamel Thomas is a rising hip hop artist from Toronto, Canada. After releasing his first LP “One On The House” in February of 2018, Jamel was able to break onto the university and college radio scene, getting play on over 100 campus stations; some notable mentions are: American University in Washington DC, University of Maryland, St. Louis University, the University of Texas and University of Notre Dame. The album charted in the top 5 on over 10 stations, making it to the NACC (North American College and Community) radio charts, peaking at #23 and competing against noteworthy artists from labels such as Roc Nation and Mass Appeal.

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In 2019, Jamel released his first music video for “It Starts At Home” with a string of new music videos to follow. He is also planning to release a new, much-anticipated album this September. There is a captivating, high-energy element to Jamel Thomas’s music featuring an alternative hip hop sound distinct from anything else that’s out. Jamel describes himself as “Kendrick Lamar meets Drake meets The Weeknd,” but strives for originality in every song, infusing elements of R&B and Pop into the mix. He is committed to innovation and will continue to surprise his audience in the months to come!

SOURCE: Official Bio