Tommy Kristo was born in La Palma, California in 1989. Having been raised by a single mother that worked most of the day his hunger for expression grew tremendously. Throughout his life, Tommy has always been fascinated by different ideas, writing and how the world is represented through different artistic outlets. Naturally, he was drawn to music. The interest was cultivated during his early youth and further developed when he opted to teach himself how to play different instruments.

After starting his own band at age 10, Tommy delved even more into his music, which was an outlet for his anger as a young child. The songs, that Tommy makes about the way he feels, are only part of the narrative. He uses allegory to capture the emotion he is going to convey. It is a collaboration between the musician and the world around him. Tommy cherishes this connection with humanity. He feels that the artistic exchange between the world and the artist opens up many opportunities for expression.

SOURCE: Official Bio