Dux drops a smooth groove with a little help from Hughdem in the form of his new single titled ‘Thought We Were Done?’ What really crashes through the beat is the staccato style break rhythm of the lyrics done in such a way as to keep the listener listening and change that listener into a fan. Accompanied by layers upon layers of musical beat bliss, ‘Thought We Were Done?’ shows that Dix is just getting started.

About Dux

The long-awaited solo release from Coalescent MC, Dux, is finally here, a typically hi-octane, feel-good slab of 90’s inspired hip-hop. The lead track from their debut EP is Thought We Were Done, a much-needed reawakening of the upbeat 90’s lyrical hip-hop style with a modern UK twist, Dux’s EP, We Made It, was recently launched at Brixton’s legendary hip-hop outpost, The Chip Shop on 10th October.

Now based in Kent, though originally from Croydon, a last-minute decision to study music rather than design and technology has led to Dux’s career as a hip-hop artist, has continued his studies at University in Kingston. Choosing to launch his debut solo EP at Brixton’s Chip Shop, a venue previously seeing stars such as Chuck D, Ice T, and Large Professor perform, Dux is mixing the best of old skool with his own inimitable style.