The brainchild project of songwriter Jesse Gunn, Warmer formed in early 2004 but was short-lived, breaking up soon after releasing their first EP. Based on musical differences, members went their separate ways giving Gunn the availability to explore his own ideas without compromise. Being the only member in the group with a love for synths, and as the songwriter for the group, he focused on writing without boundaries.

In 2005 Gunn released the first solo Warmer EP, and though it was well received, it wasn’t until 2012 that things really changed. The PC game The Cat Lady was released, and featured 8 original Warmer tracks, catapulting Warmer into the ears of a much larger audience after several massive YouTubers played the game on their channels. From there songs were used in more games as well as an indie film.

Though the songs featured in those projects were more personal, in 2016 Gunn began work on Anthropocene. The concept record focuses on current life issues from climate change and the excess of humans causing the slow demise of our planet.

SOURCE: Official Bio