Eager to broaden their musical horizons by experimenting beyond simple electrical instruments and by virtue of a growing interest on the part of Alessandro Cavazzana in IDM, the band begins to program computers and set up drum machines to incorporate these devices during the sessions in the rehearsal room. Guitars, bass and drums are not absolutely set aside, since the ultimate goal is always to give birth to a perfect match between what you plan and what you play.

The result of all this is “Empire of Light”: an album that mixes experimental rock, electronica and some avant-garde. Although the background music of reference is essentially British and German contemporary, there are elements of new wave , 70’s krautrock, Miles Davis and some minimalist composers of our time, such as Steve Reich. The processing of the disc began in the summer of 2012, the period in which they recorded and mixed the first three tracks, which initially were part of a self-produced and and self-distributed EP, which was released in February of 2013.

They then composed a dozen songs, with five of these, along with three Ep tracks, included in the album Empire Of Light, which was completed in February 2014. Empire of Light was recorded mainly in Treviso. Two songs, A Bit Skeptical and Bad, were recorded in 2012 at the Synchro Studio in Adria by Giordano Sandalo – sound engineer who has more than ten years working experience – thanks to winning a contest for bands in which the group participated in July 2011 with their previous musical project.

“Your Life In Unique Meaning” (the title is the dissolution of Acronym YLIUM) is the first single from the Venetian duo: ” It stems from an attempt to re arrange an old piece of the previous group”, explains Alessandro Cavazzana “trying to propose it as a kind of counterpoint to instrumental guitar, drum machines and wind instruments, and then using it for personal projects; but when Marco and Giulio heard it, they got very intrigued and decided to work on it all together. It took several months to be finalized, but after a work of almost a year, in May, 2013, Unique Meaning in Your Life was ready .”

Ylium are Alessandro Cavazzana and Marco Rodella. In 2012, after playing several years in a garage rock band – together with Giulio Ramazzina, who then left the project – they started to bring electronic devices into the rehearsal room . The result is represented by eight tracks that would form Empire Of Light, their debut album: a mix of experimental rock, drum machines and avant-garde music.