1. Sober Dead Rituals 2:53

Dead Rituals has today released his new single titled ‘Sober’. A conscious mix of solid hook and pop rock hybrid, we hear all the triggers that make this both rock and pop. That precise drum track actually fits into the song nicely with rigid beats and that quasi electronic sound.

The gut punch, though, is that droning guitar and youth filled vocals. Andreas has an open mind that is evident in his music thus far. This will be his key to success and his path to happiness.

About Dead Rituals

Dead Rituals is the moniker of singer, producer, and songwriter Andrea Caccese. The project started in 2019, intending to keep an open creative format and try new things with various collaborators. The songs capture the angst of punk, the hazy soundscapes of shoegaze, and the brightness of indie-pop.

Featured image by Billy Spencer.