Ladders has today released her new single titled ‘Dead Rose’. Being so young and only releasing a few singles at this point in her career, I can see an astute maturity and calculating way about Ladders, aka Vrinda Padia. Her expression lives within her music and her music resides in her being. This, to me, makes her wise beyond her years.

A virtual soundscape, ‘Dead Rose’ lives in that moment between sleep and awake with a lucid realization that we only live once. That feeling of abandon and solace gives her the courage, and the right, to explore music the way she does. As an extension of herself.

About Ladders

Born and raised in Mumbai, India, Vrinda Padia, known musically as Ladders, has been exposed to a variety of cultures and musical styles. She started her musical training in Hindustani Classical and has since transitioned to a songwriter and a western vocalist.

Art is her catharsis; any form of expression brings her peace and solace. She’s seen what changes in environment and energies can do and therefore tries to make a point to channel her negative, unwanted thoughts into her craft in any way she can. The intention remains to find peace.

Questioning her songwriting abilities, Ladders never thought she could write music. At 17, she started writing poetry and eventually dove into songwriting. Using life experiences as her inspiration, her music reflects specific times and feelings from moving place to place the past few years.

Expanding her love for music, she was a student at Musicians Institute, Berklee College of Music, and True School of Music. She graduated with an Associate of Arts in Vocal Performance from Musicians’ Institute in September of 2021 and released her debut single, “IDWY,” in April of 2022, setting the scene for her story as an artist.