Eve’s Twin Lover (a.k.a Tim Flood) has today premiered the double singles titled ‘All The Chi In Tina’ and ‘Guillotine’ from his upcoming album ‘Stop Sending People To Kill Me’, dropping April 1st.

Besides being a rather cheeky title, ‘All The Chi In Tina’ is one of those sparks of musical brilliance without even trying. The hook and melody are both there. In your face while simultaneously unassuming. Sonic variation in just the right amount to let the song feel like a story that seamlessly reads itself out in brilliant chapters carried by the music. You will find something new in this song with each and every listen.

And, where ‘All The Chi In Tina’ takes the subduedly epic concept route, ‘Guillotine’ takes that more direct and fun approach. From that infectious bassline to what comes after that, you hear a different side of ETL that, while just as interesting and catchy, is literally from a different part of the musical mind. More to the point and slightly in your face, ‘Guillotine’ gives a different flavor of the same artist. If ‘All The Chi In Tina’ is the savory, ‘Guillotine’ is the sweet.

And what we get from both is a beautiful sample of what is to come on April 1st, when ‘Stop Sending People To Kill Me’ officially releases.

These two tracks are the gateway drug to an album that will bring more than a smile when you hear it in it’s entirety. And I wouldn’t trade that for all the chi in Tim.

I wrote Guillotine in 2019, about US media controlling mass public opinion. Specifically the misinformation on the right, but it applies to left leaning pundits as well. Watching the ‘stolen election’ lie spread with the help of the media here; and the Kremlin cut off the last remnants of independent media in Russia this week, as a large segment of the Russian population believes the messaging of Putin, oblivious to what’s actually happening in Ukraine… This has happened throughout human history, but you’d think by now that, we’d value the truth more.

Tim Flood

Chi in Tina is describing my attempt to connect to the peace Elkhart Tolle, Michael Singer’s ‘The Untethered Soul,’ and Yogananda’s ‘Autobiography of a Yogi,’ explore and attempt to propagate. It’s about my years-long struggle to counter the anxiety I see so many of us living with, by focusing on the peace that Eastern religions promise is within each of us.

Tim Flood

About Eve’s Twin Lover

Eve’s Twin Lover is the solo project of Chicago’s Tim Flood. Flood connected with music before truly connecting with other humans, via records his mom started giving him when he was 7 – The Beatles, ELO, pop compilations. He started creating melodies after his parents brought home a barely usable piano from a church auction when he was 10.

“I remember doing my homework with an old tape recorder next to the radio, so that I could easily hit ‘record’ when a song I was obsessed with came onto WXRT. In jr. high and high school, I was that kid pushing bands I’d discovered at his classmates, and couldn’t believe my luck in college when guys started introducing me to new stuff,” recalls Flood.

In hindsight, creating music has been an attempt at connection for Flood. “We didn’t communicate on a deep level in my home – I doubt my experience is unique, in that regard – and melodies and lyrics bubble up to the surface from somewhere inside that I otherwise have trouble going.”

In the era before smart phones, Flood carried around a small, interviewing-type tape recorder in his coat pocket, to record melodies as they came to him, unpredictably. Creating and playing music offered somewhere to put the loneliness and anxiety that have always followed him around. ”

I recently listened to a song we recorded in 2015, and realized it’s about some grief I was processing, but not fully conscious of at the time. Music helps me get out of my head, where I spend too much time obsessing over my ‘shit’ – why couldn’t I make that relationship work; why did that fly out of my mouth last night. And it’s great fun – to be able to play live rock music, even just rehearsing, or to a small, half filled room. It’s hard to describe the connection to that energy.”

Flood is always trying to make rock music that is interesting – catchy, accessible, but unique enough to stand out – and to create connection, like music has always done for him. He feels like music is this conversation that’s run through his entire life, and releasing music contributes to that ongoing conversation.

“I feel at times like I’m a kid trying to earn a place at the adult table. It’s important to me that each record we make evolves noticeably compared with our last record, which is why I wanted to work with Brian Deck. This is our most interesting record to date, I’m really happy with how it turned out.”

Featured image by Tuan Bui.

Stop Sending People To Kill Me Tracklist

'Stop Sending People To Kill Me' cover.
‘Stop Sending People To Kill Me’ cover.
  1. Share Your Tingle
  2. All the Chi in Tina
  3. Josie
  4. Give and Receive
  5. Guillotine
  6. Nocturna
  7. One of Those People
  8. Let It Go
  9. Urban Camouflage
  10. Budgie Smuggler
  11. I See You